Campus Life

A Notre Dame education encompasses not only intellectual development through formal classes, study and research, but also moral and social growth in a student’s life outside the classroom. 

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The Division of Student Affairs

Guided by our Catholic mission and Holy Cross tradition, the Division of Student Affairs welcomes students of all backgrounds into Notre Dame’s community, and strives to nurture minds and hearts to enable our students to bring hope to a world in need. As we accompany students, we endeavor to create an environment that will encourage them to deepen their faith, develop the virtues that constitute a good moral character, grow intellectually, discover the joy of selfless service, and cultivate their psychological and physical well-being. This formation prepares them to discern their calling, live just and generous lives, and achieve the human completeness that is the goal of true education.

The division consists of 18 departments, including 32 undergraduate residential communities, that offer a wide range of services designed to support student development and formation.  

The Office of Student Affairs is located in 316 Main Building and can be reached at 574-631-5550. Rev. Gerry Olinger, C.S.C., Vice President for Student Affairs, and Office of Student Affairs staff coordinate the efforts of the Division of Student Affairs and welcome the opportunity to assist and support students. Services available to students through the various departments within the division include: