Community Standards

As a Catholic university, Notre Dame has a distinctive mission. The University seeks to nurture in its students a love of knowledge and a keenly developed moral sense. We are committed to excellence in teaching, learning, and scholarship as well as the growth and development of each person as the unique creation of a loving God. We encourage the cultivation of those virtues necessary for living a good human life. We hope to prepare our graduates to become leaders in their professions, for their communities, the Church and the world.

In keeping with Catholic tradition, we seek to create a community that honors the human dignity of each member and that is characterized by a love of truth, active care and concern for the common good, and service toward others. Each of us shares responsibility for the creation of such a community. The University’s standards of conduct reflect our commitment to this ideal. Calling one another to accountability in the context of these standards is a necessary part of our common life. The University's conduct processes are designed to be grounded in student development and formation.

Because we are committed to a Christian ideal of community and to the growth and formation of each individual, the ties that bind members of this community are not always the same as those within society at large. The University’s expectations for conduct go beyond what is minimally required for maintaining public order, as we actively seek what is good and life-giving both for the individual and for the University community.

This web-based student handbook contains the codes, rules, regulations and policies which establish the official parameters for student life at Notre Dame. These standards have been formulated as appropriate by the Academic Council, the Campus Life Council, and the respective administrative officers of the University and are binding on all Notre Dame students. It is the students’ responsibility to be aware of these expectations and conduct themselves accordingly as members of the Notre Dame community. All the codes, rules, regulations, standards, and policies, etc., are in effect for all Notre Dame students — undergraduate, graduate, and professional, full or part-­time, on and off campus. Responsible behavior is expected of Notre Dame students wherever they may be.

All students are expected to familiarize themselves with the University Standards of Conduct as set forth in this web-based student handbook.

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Questions about the University's Standards of Conduct or the Conduct Process can be directed to the Office of Community Standards.

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