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du Lac: A Guide to Student Life is a central resource for information for students enrolled at the University of Notre Dame.

This site contains the official 2019-20 edition of the student handbook. This web-based handbook is organized under the following structure. Questions about du Lac can be directed to:

  • University Mission & Vision Statement

    Learn about the University's values, mission and vision.

  • Academic Resources

    Academic Code of Honor, information about excused absences and withdrawal, links to colleges, etc.

  • Campus Life

    A wide variety of resources and links related to faith formation, wellness, student involvement, transportation, and much more.

  • Community Standards

    Code of conduct applicable to all students, overview of the University Conduct Process, conduct records, etc.

  • ND A to Z

    FAQ resource guide, campus building directory, and acronym list.

Priority Information

  • Important Information

    Sexual Assault, Sexual Misconduct, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Stalking and/or conduct that creates a hostile environment.

  • Expectation of Responsibility

    For alcohol and drug-related incidents where medical attention is required.

  • Speak Up

    The University encourages students to report all incidents of bias, discrimination, and/or harassment so that the University can take appropriate action to assist the students involved and improve the campus climate.