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Other Opportunities for Student Involvement

In addition to the offices and student groups listed above, students may also find other involvement opportunities through the following areas:

Student Activities

The Student Activities Office enhances the educational experience of students and the campus community through development of, exposure to, participation in, and assistance with intellectual, spiritual, cultural, recreational, social, leadership and employment opportunities. The office also fosters an environment which values differences, the freedom of expression and the holistic development of students. All students, particularly leaders of student groups, are encouraged to become familiar with Student Activities Policies found on this website.

NDCentral: Notre Dame students can browse the list of active student clubs and organizations and request to join groups as a new member. Student officers of clubs and organizations can accept membership requests and send membership invitations out to prospective student members. Membership is the key to the student involvement features of NDCentral, facilitating communication between group members and providing access to activity request tools in the application.

Gender Relations Center

As an office within the Division of Student Affairs, the Gender Relations Center (GRC) promotes moral formation consistent with Catholic identity, mission and values in an effort to create a healthy culture at the University of Notre Dame.  As the first of its kind nationwide, the GRC designs and implements programs about healthy relationships, sexuality, and gender. Committed to the spiritual, emotional and intellectual development of all students, the GRC seeks to engage the campus in respectful dialogue and seeks to build a community that fully honors the human dignity of each person as a child of God. The GRC serves the Notre Dame community through:

  • Educational initiatives
  • Outreach services
  • Pastoral care

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Multicultural Student Programs and Services

Multicultural Student Programs and Services administers the programs and services specifically designed to nurture a sense of belonging, student success, and servant leadership for Notre Dame’s historically underrepresented students. The academic initiatives focus on providing faculty mentors, exposing historically underrepresented undergraduates to research opportunities, and networking with academicians and alumni in their area of interest. The office also serves as a vehicle for students to explore issues of diversity by sponsoring cultural programs, advising ethnic or traditionally underrepresented organizations, and serving as a multicultural resource center. The office provides a wide range of programming that celebrates differences.. MSPS facilitates diversity training and workshops to create Conversations between Notre Dame students regarding the importance of celebrating their cultures.


As the rigors of work and academics challenge the mind, RecSports offers a balance through activities that challenge the body. RecSports programs and services are designed to meet the needs of Notre Dame students, faculty, staff, their families and retirees. Whether you are looking to learn a new skill, join a club, increase your fitness level or compete against others in a variety of leagues, RecSports has something for everyone.

RecSports is among the most comprehensive campus recreation programs in the country, and plays a vital role within the Notre Dame community.  Nearly 400 programs including aquatics, fitness, intramurals, special events and more than 40 club sports, are offered, providing a broad range of activities to meet the diverse interests of a sports-minded, active student body.  Over 94% of the undergraduate students participate in some form of campus recreation, among the highest participation rates in the nation.  RecSports also manages several recreation facilities including the Rolfs Sports Recreation Center (RSRC), The Smith Center is the Duncan Student Center, Rockne Memorial (the Rock) and St. Joe Beach on campus.

Student Government

The Preamble of the Undergraduate Student Union Constitution states:

"We, the undergraduate students of the University of Notre Dame du Lac, recognize the common value of the vision of Our Lady’s University and our essential role in its ongoing realizations. In order to achieve the greatest possible contribution to our community, we endeavor to make efficient and effective use of the resources available, to communicate student convictions clearly and willfully to faculty, administrators, and trustees, and to achieve consensus within the University community on the formulation and execution of policy. We labor with the entire Notre Dame family to ensure that each student reaches his or her full academic, social, and spiritual potential and resolve to sustain the evolving spirit of Notre Dame by entrusting its care to the student. Therefore, we do hereby ordain and establish this Constitution of the Undergraduate Student Body of the University of Notre Dame and form the Notre Dame Student Union. Student Government is divided into two branches, policy and programming.  At the head of these two branches is the Student Body President.  Elected each Spring semester on a ticket with a vice presidential running mate, the Student Body President is responsible for advocating on behalf of the interests of the Student Body in the authentic realization of the mission of the University.  It is the duty of this person to serve as an active student voice to the University administration, the greater South Bend community, and to represent the interests of Notre Dame students nationally. The Student Body President, Vice President, and their Chief of Staff are the top three officials within the Student Union. Along with the Directors of the Student Senate Departments and other Student Union leaders, they address all aspects of student life at Notre Dame, including academics, athletics, residential life, social concerns, student security and safety, community relations, and University affairs."

Campus Life Council

The Campus Life Council serves as a forum where students, faculty, rectors, and administrators discuss matters affecting student life on campus. It makes policy recommendations directly to the Vice President for Student Affairs. The Student Body President serves as Campus Life Council Chairperson, ensuring its efficient and effective operation.  Other student representatives include the Judicial Council President, Student Union Board Manager, three Student Senators, one Hall President‚ Council Co-chair, and one representative from the Diversity Council. Initiatives of the Campus Life Council are delegated to several task forces who report progress back to the greater council every meeting.  Meetings are open to the public and held every Monday during the regular academic year.

Club Coordination Council

The Club Coordination Council is responsible for all organizations operating as recognized clubs on campus. The Club Coordination Council works to promote the interests of each organization and handles budget and office space requests. Additionally, the Club Coordination Council facilitates cooperation between clubs and other branches of the Student Union. The Club Coordination Council is charged with cultivating and supporting Notre Dame's active club environment. The four primary goals of the Club Coordination Council are education, collaboration, representation, and allocation. The Club Council is chaired by the Club Coordinator and includes elected representatives and several appointed members.

Financial Management Board 

The Financial Management Board, also known as FMB, is composed of the Student Union Treasurer, the Policy Branch Controller, the Student Union Board Controller, the Hall Presidents’ Council Treasurer, the Club Coordination Council Controller, the Judicial Council President, the Student Business Board Manager, all of the Class Council Treasurers, the Off-Campus Council President, and two Senators. It is the responsibility of the Financial Management Board to uphold the fiscal policy outlined in the Constitution of the Undergraduate Student Union. The Financial Management Board monitors the financial activity of organizations for misuse of undergraduate student organization funds and violations of written allocations.

Hall Presidents’ Council 

The Hall Presidents Council of the University of Notre Dame is the arm of the Student Union representing campus residential life. The Council is made up of past and present Hall Presidents and Vice Presidents of the thirty undergraduate residential communities. The Hall Presidents Council is the body responsible for planning, funding, and executing residence hall events. Through weekly meetings, current student leaders identify and promote best practices in planning events for the residential community of Notre Dame.

Judicial Council

Judicial Council is the branch of the Student Union tasked by the Student Union Constitution with overseeing the ethical behavior of Student Union leaders, the oversight and administration of Student Government elections, and providing support through Peer Advocates to students navigating the Office of Community Standards' hearings and conferences.

Student Union Senate

The Student Union Senate consists of one elected representative per undergraduate residence hall, one elected off­-campus under­graduate representative, class council presidents, and other Student Union positions. The Student Body Vice President serves as Chair ensuring its efficient and effective operation. The Student Union Senate formulates and advances the position of the undergraduate Student Body on all issues concerning campus life. Senators may serve on at least two of the following Student Government Departments: Academic Affairs, Campus Technology, Community Relations, Constituent Services, Gender Issues, Internal Affairs, Residence Life, Social Concerns, and University Affairs. The meetings serve as an opportunity for student representatives to address or debate relevant and timely student issues, accommodate speakers who wish to reach students through Senate and hold votes on particular matters in order to advance resolutions issued by the committees.

Student Union Board

The SUB Programming Body shall enhance undergraduate student life by providing undergraduate student services and social, intellectual, and cultural opportunities that respond to the needs and wants of the undergraduate student body in the most efficient manner possible.

Graduate Student Government (GSG)

Founded in 1969, the Graduate Student Government (GSG) is a student organization which represents all graduate students of the four divisions of the Graduate School (Engineering, Humanities, Sciences, and Social Sciences) and Architecture. It promotes excellence in graduate education and strives to meet the needs of graduate students in all aspects of student life. GSG maintains an office on the second floor in the Duncan Student Center.


Master of Business Administration Association

The MBA Association is responsible for acting as a liaison to, and a representative of, all Notre Dame MBA students and alumni, the University of Notre Dame community, and the greater global MBA community at large. The MBAA is responsible for activities, programs, and initiatives for the Notre Dame MBA community, including students, students’ families, faculty, and administrators. All activities of the MBAA are conducted to serve and better promote the Notre Dame MBA Program and its constituencies.

Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the student government at the Law School; all students are considered members. The association performs various tasks related to student life, both social and academic, such as orientation, appointment of students to various committees, fundraising, intramural athletics and several social functions throughout the year. More generally, the officers attempt to represent student interests in any matter of sufficient importance. At the national level, the association is a member of the Law Student Division of the American Bar Association.