Initiation and Hazing

The only appropriate manner in which to assimilate mem­bers into the Notre Dame community is to welcome them. Hazing and initiation-related rites, ceremonies, exercises or activities of any kind that jeopardize the self-esteem and safety of students affect the University as a whole and are, therefore, strictly prohibited.
Hazing and/or initiation refers to any behavior on or off campus that singles out members of this community or members of a student organization, group, club, athletic team or residence facility in a manner that is unwelcoming.
Hazing and/or initiation includes, but is not limited to, acts that demean, deride or humiliate members or that place the personal safety of students or others in jeopardy. It shall also be a violation of this policy for any student to force or require, as a condition of association with a group or organization, the consumption or use of alcohol, drugs or any other substance.
That members may state that they willingly participated in any such activity will not negate characterization of the event as initiation or hazing nor relieve those planning, sponsoring or participating in the event of responsibility. If students from any residential community, student organization, group, club or athletic team violate this rule, the residential community, student organi­zation, group, club or athletic team may also be subject to collective outcomes.