Drugs and Controlled Substances

Students found responsible for possession or use of illegal drugs or controlled substances, the unauthorized possession or misuse of prescription drugs, or the possession of drug paraphernalia may face dismissal from the University.  Students found responsible for distribution of illegal drugs and substances, including the illicit redistribution of prescription drugs, may face permanent dismissal from the University.

Cannabis use and possession are illegal under Indiana and federal law. Intoxication, disruptive behavior, or other violations of the Standards of Conduct due to cannabis possession, consumption, or use may be addressed through the University Conduct Process.

About the Expectation of Responsibility

The health, safety, and well-being of individuals should be paramount concerns of all members of the Notre Dame community.  As such, Notre Dame students are expected to exercise active care and concern and contact appropriate authorities in the event of any health or safety emergency, even if violations of the University’s alcohol policy and/or controlled substances policy (as outlined above)  may have occurred in connection with such an emergency.
Because students’ concern of possible disciplinary action (such as being placed on Disciplinary Probation, Dismissal with Opportunity to Apply for Readmission, or Permanent Dismissal) may unnecessarily deter their desire to seek medical attention for themselves or others, the University has adopted an Expectation of Responsibility to remove barriers for students seeking medical attention in alcohol and drug-related incidents. This Expectation is intended to create an environment where students receive necessary medical attention and those involved are provided an opportunity to learn from the incident.  
Please read the Expectation of Responsibility for more information.