Alcohol Possession and Use

  1. All students are required to comply with applicable local laws and University regulations regarding the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages.
    1. Any person under 21 years of age is underage in the State of Indiana and may not lawfully possess or consume alcoholic beverages.  Students may be referred to the University Conduct Process for underage consumption, possession or transportation of alcoholic beverages, possession of false identification which misrepresents their age or identity, or for providing alcoholic beverages to any person who is underage.
    2. Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages in open containers is prohibited in the corridors and common areas, such as lounges or lobbies, of University residence facilities.
    3. Within undergraduate residence halls, the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages that contain in excess of fourteen percent (14%) alcohol by volume is prohibited. This regulation applies to all students and their guests, regardless of age.
    4. Kegs are not permitted in any University residence hall, residence facility or anywhere else on University property.
    5. Students of legal age may possess or transport a reasonable amount of alcohol for personal use to their on-campus residence in closed containers and in suitable packaging, consistent with the concept of responsible and moderate consumption.
    6. When otherwise permitted by University practice or policy (e.g., home football Saturdays) students of legal age may host and participate in tailgate gatherings at which alcohol is present.  Hosts of tailgate gatherings will be held responsible for compliance with University regulations and Indiana law.
    7. Students of legal drinking age may possess and consume alcoholic beverages at approved University events and/or when served at a campus facility licensed to provide alcoholic beverages.
    8. Except as provided in f. and g. above, students may not possess or consume alcoholic beverages within athletic facilities, in any non-residence building on campus, on University grounds, campus quadrangles or parking lots.
  2. Intoxication by any student, regardless of age, whether in public or in private, is prohibited.  Symptoms of intoxication include, but are not limited to, slurred speech, impaired motor coordination and balance, loss of good judgment, or nausea.  Severe intoxication may involve the inability to walk or stand, loss of consciousness, or vomiting.
  3. The abusive drinking of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. The following behaviors are among those that may be considered violations of this regulation:
    1. Participating in drinking games, consuming shots of alcohol, drinking to the point of physical illness, “shotgunning” alcohol, or the possession or use of any instrument of alcohol abuse (e.g. “beer bongs”).
    2. Consumption of alcohol directly from containers intended for multiple servings (e.g., quart bottles, 40 oz. bottles, 750 ml wine bottles, etc.).
    3. Possession or consumption of alcoholic punch, gela­tin shots or grain alcohol.
    4. Consumption of alcohol while using prescription or over-the-counter medication where such use is contraindicated.
  4. Print, electronic, and broadcast media funded in full or in part by the University, or by University­ solicited funds, or bearing the University’s name, may not contain advertisements promoting alcohol or events that have alcohol as their primary focus.
  5. The advertising of alcoholic beverages is prohibited within University residence facilities. This includes, but is not limited to signs and posters for alcoholic products and displays of empty alcohol containers.
  6. No graduate or undergraduate student, student organization or University housing facility may use University, student organization or University housing facility funds for the purchase of alcohol.

About the Expectation of Responsibility

The health, safety, and well-being of individuals should be paramount concerns of all members of the Notre Dame community.  As such, Notre Dame students are expected to exercise active care and concern and contact appropriate authorities in the event of any health or safety emergency, even if violations of the University’s alcohol policy (as outlined above) and/or controlled substances policy may have occurred in connection with such an emergency.
Because students’ concern of possible disciplinary action (such as being placed on Disciplinary Probation, Dismissal with Opportunity to Apply for Readmission, or Permanent Dismissal) may unnecessarily deter their desire to seek medical attention for themselves or others, the University has adopted an Expectation of Responsibility to remove barriers for students seeking medical attention in alcohol and drug-related incidents. This Expectation is intended to create an environment where students receive necessary medical attention and those involved are provided an opportunity to learn from the incident.  
Please read the Expectation of Responsibility for more information.