NetID Access to University Information Technology Resources

The University of Notre Dame provides information technology resources to employees, students, and other affiliates for activities related to its mission of teaching and learning, research, and service.  The University has an interest in conserving scarce resources and limiting access to only those individuals and entities who are actively involved in supporting the institution's mission and goals.  
  1. Undergraduate, graduate, and non-degree students are eligible to use information technology resources while they are in active status. Eligibility is based on information supplied by the University Registrar. 
  2. New students acquire and activate their NetIDs and set passwords online by visiting, providing their ndID and birth date, and reading and agreeing to the Responsible Use of Information Technology Resources policy. 
  3. Continued eligibility is automatic for active students, and active status is based on official University records. 
  4. Generally, the University disables access to a student’s account 60 days after he/she is graduated, or 60 days after official university records indicate the student is no longer eligible.
  5. A student account will become inactive 15 days after the account is disabled. 15 days after inactivation, the account’s resources are removed. Retention of account data depends on policy for this type of account.
The University reserves the right to suspend or block access to an account when the University deems it necessary.
The complete policy is available from the Office of Information Technologies.