COVID-19 Addendum to du Lac: A Guide to Student Life

Effective January 25, 2021 - May 22, 2021

Campus Compact Administrative Process

As a condition for matriculating and appearing on campus for the Spring Semester 2021, undergraduate and professional students (Law, ESTEEM, Graduate Business, and Graduate Architecture) commit to compliance with all aspects of the Notre Dame Campus Compact. The Compact includes an agreement to be bound by this Administrative Process. This Administrative Process is supplemental to the University Conduct Process; the Office of Community Standards (“OCS”) within the Division of Student Affairs will determine whether a violation of the Compact will be addressed through this Administrative Process or the University Conduct Process. The determination by OCS as to which process applies is final, and may not be appealed. 

This Administrative Process introduces two potential additional consequences for violations of the Compact: COVID Probation and COVID Dismissal. COVID Probation means that the student faces separation from the University if he or she fails to present for another scheduled test, or has another Compact violation, at any time during the remainder of the semester. Notices of COVID Probation will be sent to the person(s) financially responsible for the student and also to the student’s rector if he or she lives in a campus residence hall. COVID Dismissal is separation from the University as described more fully in Section C, below.

A.  Failure to Report for COVID Surveillance Testing

Throughout the Spring Semester, students are required to report for surveillance testing to detect COVID-19. Because this testing regimen is critical to the health and safety of the University community, the following penalties for failure to present for surveillance testing will apply, and there are no appeals except for students assigned COVID Dismissal from the University. (see Section C, below).

  1. A student who fails to report for testing when required to do so and who has not been granted an excused absence from testing will on the first such occasion be referred by the COVID-19 Response Unit (CRU) to OCS. OCS will issue a formal warning to the student that will remain part of the student’s record for the remainder of the semester. This warning will state the consequences for a subsequent failure to present for testing at any time during the remainder of the semester. The warning will be copied to the student’s rector if he or she lives in a campus residence hall.
  2. A student who has been issued a formal warning pursuant to paragraph 1 above and who fails to report for testing when required to do so a second time during the semester without an excused absence from testing will be placed on COVID Probation and is required to meet (via Zoom) with a representative of OCS. 
  3. A student on COVID Probation who fails to report for testing when required to do so and has not been granted an excused absence from testing will face COVID Dismissal from the University for the Spring 2021 semester. Students who receive a sanction of COVID Dismissal are subject to the process outlined in Section C below. 

B.  Other Compact Violations

  1. Upon receipt of a report of a Compact violation other than failure to report for surveillance testing, OCS will determine within two business days whether the report should be addressed under this Administrative Process. If so, the affected student will promptly be sent a COVID Administrative Process Notice stating (i) the information received about the offense, (ii) the relevant Compact provision, and (iii) the recommended outcome. Unless the recommended outcome is COVID Dismissal (see Section C, below), the student has 24 hours after the COVID Administrative Process Notice is sent to submit any relevant information responsive to the notice. Responses must be submitted by the student (and not by anyone else acting on the student’s behalf). If the student does not respond within 24 hours, the outcome recommended in the notice becomes effective immediately. OCS will consider timely responses, and will issue a final decision to the student within two business days of receipt of the response. 
  2. OCS may decide that a reported Compact violation is best addressed under the University Conduct Process. In such cases, students will receive notice as provided in that process. With respect to professional students, OCS may refer a matter of Compact violation to the student’s dean for any further action.
  3. OCS has full discretion to assign outcomes it deems reasonable in response to violations of the Compact, and except as provided in Section C below, there is no appeal from OCS decisions under this Administrative Process. 

There is no right to a formal hearing at any stage of the Administrative Process. All outcomes under this Administrative Process, with the exception of COVID Dismissal, will not be disclosed as student conduct records under the University’s Conduct Record Reporting Policy

C. COVID Dismissal from the University for Compact Violations

Some violations of the Compact may be so egregious, or represent such a threat to the health and/or safety of members of the University or local community, that the responsible student(s) must be separated from the University. Examples of such violations include, but are not limited to, hosting or participating in gatherings in excess of University-stipulated limits; violations of quarantine or isolation protocols; missing a required test while on COVID Probation; and serious, repeated or flagrant violations of Compact commitments. In such circumstances, OCS has full discretion to dismiss the student from the University under this Administrative Process. 

A student who receives notice of the recommended outcome of COVID Dismissal from the University will have 48 hours from the date of notification to submit any relevant information responsive to the notice. The response must be submitted by the student (and not by any third parties acting on the student’s behalf), and may include information relevant to the Compact violation described in the notice, and/or to the sanction of Dismissal. OCS will consider any response submitted by a student and communicate its decision to the student as soon as practicable. In the absence of a response from the student, the recommended sanction of Dismissal will be effective immediately upon expiration of the 48-hour response.

If OCS confirms the recommended outcome of COVID Dismissal, the affected student has three calendar days to submit a request for a Case Review to the Vice President for Student Affairs. The only grounds for a Case Review are (i) a procedural defect in the Administrative Process substantial enough to have changed the decision, with a detailed explanation of that defect; or (ii) discovery of substantive new information unknown or unavailable to the student before submission of the appeal and that would have been substantial enough to have changed the decision. The Vice President for Student Affairs (or designee) has full discretion regarding the resolution of the case review, and the VPSA’s decision is final.

Failure to submit a request for a Case Review within the three-day deadline will render the original decision final and conclusive.  If a request for a Case Review is filed, the Dismissal will not become effective until the case review process is complete and the Vice President for Student Affairs (or designee) communicates a decision.

Students dismissed pursuant to this Section C are eligible to apply for readmission for the Fall 2021 semester, provided their application for readmission is filed by May 11, 2021. Readmission will be contingent on the student’s satisfaction of any requirements communicated by OCS in the notice of dismissal.

Campus Compact

This Compact applies to all undergraduate and professional students who reside in or return to the greater South Bend area and/or the Notre Dame campus community for the 2021 spring semester.  

University of Notre Dame Student Compact Spring Semester 2021

I understand that as a student member of the Notre Dame community for the spring semester 2021, I have a role and responsibility to play in keeping our campus and the greater community safe and that it is essential that we continue to adopt a culture of shared responsibility for our safety and well-being. I understand that the measures I am agreeing to undertake are necessary to protect my health and safety and the health and safety of others in our campus and greater local communities. I agree to abide by all federal, state, local and University mandates, policies, protocols, and procedures related to COVID-19, including all required training and testing. I understand that my adherence, and that of our community, to all provisions of this Compact are essential for the University to offer an on-campus experience. 

I understand that I must follow all of the University’s health and safety rules for as long as they remain in effect, even if I have previously contracted COVID-19 or if I have been vaccinated. I understand that this is critical for my own protection as well as that of others in this community. 

Violations of the Campus Compact

I understand and agree that violations of this Compact will be handled expeditiously according to the administrative procedures set forth here. I understand and agree that should the University determine that my behavior violated the Compact, I may be assigned a range of outcomes, I could be referred to the dean of my college or school, I could be placed on COVID Probation, I could lose netID access, and/or I could be dismissed from the University. I acknowledge and agree that there is no appeal of the decisions and directives of the University with regard to violations of the Compact beyond those outlined here, as these determinations will be made on an urgent basis to protect the health and safety of the community as a whole. I also understand that Compact violations will not be disclosed as student conduct records under the University’s Conduct Record Reporting Policy, except for decisions that also involve violations of other University standards of conduct or decisions that result in an outcome of COVID Dismissal from the University. 

I understand that the University may send me important communications, including via email and/or text message, about developments relating to University policies or procedures during the semester, including my responsibilities under this Compact. I understand that this Compact may be amended and that I will be notified of any such changes. I understand and agree that it is my responsibility to monitor my email and text messages for these communications, and to read them promptly. 

By matriculating and appearing on campus this semester, I agree to abide by all provisions of this Campus Compact and acknowledge my role and responsibility in keeping our campus and the greater community as safe as possible.

I understand and agree that, in addition to this Compact, I am expected to continue to comply with all other applicable university policies, procedures, and on-campus housing expectations.

To protect myself and others, I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE to adhere to the following specific expectations, and with any other health and safety responsibilities the University or public health authorities may establish:

Health & Wellness

  • To wear an appropriate face covering at all times and in all places (both outside and inside) while on University property, except when in my residence room if I reside on-campus.
  • To report for COVID-19 testing whenever scheduled, summoned or required to do so by the University.
  • To follow all University expectations regarding pre-matriculation testing at the start of the 2021 spring semester, including limiting contact with other members of this community while I await my test results. 
  • To comply fully with all requirements to isolate or quarantine as directed by the University or local health authorities, and to follow all expectations and guidelines while in quarantine or isolation.
  • To cooperate fully and honestly with the University’s COVID Response Unit (“CRU”), including with CRU’s contact tracers, whose questions about my close contacts are designed to further the safety of the University community.
  • To complete my Daily Health Check honestly and accurately, and to follow the instructions provided by the University based on my campus pass. 
  • To comply with all other COVID-19-related health guidance issued by the University or national, state or local health authorities, as reflected on the HERE website, including:
    • Maintaining at least six feet physical distance from others whenever possible;
    • Washing my hands thoroughly and frequently and observing appropriate cleaning protocols

Social, Organizational and Recreational

  • To observe physical distancing, masking, and all other health and safety protocols adopted by the University when I participate in social/recreational activities on or off-campus. 
  • To attend gatherings or socialize informally only in small groups of fewer than 10 people (or as otherwise set by the University or public health authorities).
  • To take responsibility for ensuring compliance with applicable University rules by all guests at any on or off-campus social gatherings at my residence or otherwise hosted by me or non-student members of my family. I understand that I will be subject to more severe penalties than my guests if they fail to comply with those rules. 
  • To refrain from being or remaining in settings on or off-campus where mask-wearing and capacity constraints are not observed/enforced, including at social gatherings, local bars, and restaurants.  

In-Person Instruction

  • To sit where directed and maintain physical distancing as designated in the class, studio or lab space when attending in-person instruction.
  • To follow all directives of faculty, instructors, and teaching assistants regarding face-covering assigned seating, maintaining distance, and cleaning of seats, desks, and other immediate areas.
  • To attend class remotely while in isolation or quarantine, or when my Daily Health Check has advised me to stay home, and otherwise to attend class in-person.

Residence Halls, Student Centers, Campus Dining, Libraries, Campus Gyms, and Other University Facilities

  • To adhere to all rules and staff directives in on-campus residential, dining, study, athletic, meeting, and social spaces, including COVID-specific measures for the 2021 spring semester relating to occupancy and safety restrictions in dining halls, common areas, lounge and study rooms, gyms, libraries, and community spaces.

Travel and Guests

  • To adhere to the University’s prohibition against overnight guests, including family members, in the residence halls. 
  • Absent extraordinary circumstances, e.g., family emergency, the need for medical treatment, or a job or other interview that cannot be postponed or conducted virtually, to remain in the Michiana region until the end of the 2021 spring semester. If I must travel, I will contact University Health Services (“UHS”) before returning to campus to determine what measures, if any, may be required to help safeguard the campus community. 
  • To follow all St. Joseph County and Indiana guidelines and directives on travel (which may include travel prohibitions), as they are issued.