The University of Notre Dame is committed to protecting members of the University community from retaliation for participating in an investigation or for good faith reporting or objecting to any activity by another member of the University community that they reasonably believe is unlawful, unethical, or in violation of University policy.  

Any actual or threatened retaliation or any act of intimidation to prevent or otherwise obstruct the reporting of an incident or the participation in proceedings relating to an incident by a respondent, witness, or other individual is itself prohibited and may result in a referral to the University Conduct Process.   

If retaliatory behavior is associated with an incident or report of sexual assault, sexual misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking and/or conduct that creates a hostile environment, please see the Reporting and Response Procedures for Reports of Retaliation, Violations of No Contact Orders, and/or Violations of Terms of Interim Measures for more information.