Campus Building Directory

The following directory provides an overview of services, departments and offices found in each building on campus. Please visit the campus map for locations.

Additionally, students may find interest in the map of study spaces available on campus (courtesy of Student Government).

Alumni Hall

Alumni Stadium

Arlotta Stadium

Badin Hall

Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Biolchini Hall of Law

Law School classrooms and offices
Crossings (food service)

Bond Hall

Cafe Poche (food service)

Breen–Phillips Hall

Brownson Hall

Carole Sandner Hal

Alliance for Catholic Education
Remick Commons (meeting space/lounge)

Carroll Hall

Cavanaugh Hall

Coleman-Morse Center

Columba Hall

Compton Family Ice Arena

Men's Varsity Ice Hockey
Hockey Arena

Corby Hall

Residence for Holy Cross Priests

Courtney Tennis Center

Cripe Street Apartments

Apartment complex for married students without children

Crowley Hall of Music

Music Department classrooms
Music Department faculty offices

Cushing Hall of Engineering

Faculty offices

DeBartolo Hall

Office of President Emeritus (Fr. Malloy)

DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

Decio Faculty Hall

Decio Commons (food service)
Faculty offices (various departments)

Dillon Hall

Duncan Hall

Dunne Hall

Early Childhood Development Center

Eck Baseball Stadium

Baseball Stadium
Men's Baseball Team

Eck Hall of Law

Law School classrooms
Law School faculty offices

Eck Tennis Pavilion

Eck Visitors Center

Ernestine Raclin - O.C. Carmichael Hall

Facilities Building

Farley Hall

Fieldhouse Mall

Outdoor event space near Clarke Memorial Fountain

Fire Station

Notre Dame Fire Department

Fischer Graduate Residences

Visiting Faculty Apartments

Fisher Hall

Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering

Flahery Hall

Flanner Hall

Freimann Life Science Center

Galvin Life Sciences Center

Department of Biological Sciences classrooms and faculty offices

Geddes Hall

Grace Hall

Cafe de Grasta (food service)

Guglielmino Athletics Complex

Haggar Hall

Hammes Mowbray Hall

Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore

Harper Hall

Hayes–Healy Center

Hesburgh Center for International Studies

Au Bon Pain Cafe (food service)

Hesburgh Library

Au Bon Pain Cafe (food service)
Study lounges
University Archives

Hessert Aerospace Research Center

Holy Cross House

Retirement facility for Holy Cross priests and brothers

Howard Hall

Hurley Hall

Information Technology Center

Institute for Educational Initiatives Building

Institute for Educational Initiatives

Jordan Hall of Science


Joyce Center

Keenan Hall

Keough Hall

Knights of Columbus Building

Knights of Columbus Council 1477 (student group)

Knott Hall

LaBar Practice Complex

Football (practice facility)

LaFortune Student Center

Barber Shop

Laundry Pick-Up Center

St. Michael's Laundry

Legends of Notre Dame

Restaurant & Alehouse Pub (open to the public)
Nightclub (for students)

Lewis Hall

Loftus Sports Center

Log Chapel

Private chapel reserved by Campus Ministry

Lyons Hall

Mail Distribution Center

Main Building

Maintenance Center

Maintenance contractors 

Malloy Hall

Mason Support Services Center

Building Services

McGlinn Hall

McKenna Hall

Notre Dame Conference Center
Journal of Religion and Literature

Melissa Cook Stadium

Varsity Softball

Mendoza College of Business

Moreau Seminary

Holy Cross Vocations of the USA Province

Morris Inn

Hotel (open to the public)
Wind Family Fireside Terrace (dining)
Rohr's (dining)
Sorin's Restaurant (dining)

Morrissey Hall

Men's residence hall

Nieuwland Science Hall

Classrooms and offices

North Dining Hall

Notre Dame Stadium

Football stadium

Notre Dame Wellness Center

Wellness center for faculty and staff (operated by Walgreens)

O’Hara-Grace Graduate Residences

O’Neill Hall

O’Shaughnessy Hall

Old College

Undergraduate seminary for the United States Province of the Congregation of Holy Cross

Pangborn Hall

Walsh Hall community is living in Pangborn Hall for the 2016-17 academic year while Walsh Hall is renovated

Pasquerilla Center (ROTC)

Air Force ROTC

Pasquerilla Hall East

Pasquerilla Hall West

Radiation Research Building

Ricci Band Rehearsal Hall

Notre Dame Band

Riley Hall of Art and Design

Rockne Memorial

RecSports staff
Fitness room with cardio and selectorized weight equipment
Weight room with selectorized and free weight equipment
Two courts for basketball and volleyball
10 racquetball/handball/squash courts
25 yard pool and shallow exercise pool
Activity rooms for fitness and dance classes
Climbing wall
Locker and shower facilities
Equipment check-out: towels, basketballs, volleyballs, jump ropes, dumbbells, weight belts, racquetball racquets, and table tennis equipment
Classrooms and meeting rooms
Indoor cycling studio
Personal training studio

Rolfs Aquatic Center

Rolfs Family All Season Golf Facility

Rolfs Sports Recreation Center

1/8 mile suspended running track
Activity rooms for fitness and dance classes
Equipment check-out: towels, balls, weight belts, billiards, badminton racquets, table tennis paddles, etc.
Fitness room with cardio and strength equipment
Health and fitness resource center
Locker and shower facilities
Meeting rooms
Multi-purpose court for soccer, handball, inline hockey, lacrosse, and volleyball
Three courts for basketball, volleyball, and badminton
Pool and table tennis tables

Ryan Hall

Women's Residence Hall

Saint Liam Hall

Siegfried Hall

Snite Museum of Art

Art museum

Sorin Hall

South Dining Hall

St. Edward's Hall

St. Michael's Laundry

Stanford Hall

Stayer Center

Executive Education Program (Mendoza College of Business)

Stepan Center

Stepan Chemistry Hall

Chemistry faculty offices

Stinson-Remick Hall of Engineering

University Village

Apartment complex for married students with children
Beichner Community Center

Walsh Hall

Warren Golf Course

Washington Hall

Welsh Family Hall

Wilson Commons

Zahm Hall